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We help small business and non-profits learn about and use Email Marketing, Event Management, Survey and Facebook Promotion tools offered by Constant Contact.

Are you too busy for Email Marketing or dealing with Social Media? Hire HUTdogs for your Email and Social Media Marketing. We help our clients stay top-of-mind with their customers. Contact us and let us know how we can help with your online marketing.




Top 3 reasons to choose Constant Contact

1. Affordable. Constant Contact Basic starts at $20 per month and Essential starts at only $45 per month (for 500 unique contacts).

2. Customer Service. Constant Contact's help desks in Boston and Denver, are a toll free phone call away. Whether it's an Email Marketing, Event, Survey or Promotional campaign give them a call. They want you to have success.

3. Toolkit. Constant Contact knows email marketing and sees a bigger picture. They realize Email can work hand-in-hand with today's social media and other promotional tools. Constant Contact Toolkit includes: Email Marketing, Event tool, Survey tool and Promotion tool. Each can help your business grow. 



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Why go through HUTdogs to purchase Constant Contact? Because of our affiliation with Constant Contact, we often get access to special offers we can pass on to you. Yes, we get credit from Constant Contact, but there is no extra charge for you to sign up under our affiliate link .  It is a tool we are proud to recommend to others. We use Constant Contact for our business and the clients we serve. We know it works.

About Constant Contact 

CTCTtoolkit_email.jpgEmail Marketing Tool - Newsletters and Announcements - This tool is the email marketing tool for your business. It complies with the CAN SPAM act, has built-in tools to help you grow your list, robust reporting, multiple templates, scheduling tools, coupons, social media sharing tools, contact management, easy links to PayPal, Amazon, your blog and other sites that can help drive sales.


CTCTtoolkitIcon_Events.jpgEvent Tool - This tool helps you manage events and registration. You can schedule reminder emails for a specific event, charge for attendance, brand your event page, have your registrants print a ticket, check folks in with a smart phone or tablet plus access to the Constant Contact help desk.


CTCTtoolkitIcon_Survey.jpgSurvey Tool - This tool can help your audience stay engaged with your business. Surveys can help you understand your market and their needs. You can link your survey to your web site, social media or send it in an email. It's a great way to listen to your audience.


CTCTtoolkitIcon_Promo.jpgOffers and Promotions Tool - Grow your Likes on Facebook and offer your audience something special for their "Like". You can create a promotional campaign that can grow both your Likes and your email list. It's a great tool to help capture the email addresses of your Facebook Likes.


Constant Contact is an affordable tool. Pricing starts at $20/month


Access to Constant Contact's stellar support located in the United States. You'll speak to a knowledgable support rep either in Boston or Denver. Toll free access to U.S. based support!

Does it work?

Yes. By targeting your audience and message, Email Marketing can bring in business.

  • A simple "thanks for being our customer" announcement coupled with a coupon generated 6 pieces of business for a plumber in Hawaii (their average service call tends to be around $888).
  • Palau Dive Adventures targeted an email marketing piece to travel agents they have worked with in the past. This simple email generated over $15,000 in leads. To make it even more exciting, they only sent the email to 16 agents! Now that's ROI.

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