Think Tank

Make up a holiday for your brand to embrace

January 26th, 2017 by hutdogs

At our workshops we like to go around the room and see who is there and what business they are in before the presentation begins. Knowing who is in the room helps us generate relevant ideas while we present.

In a recent workshop, we had a wide array from non-profits, to video producers, to architects, to vintage clothing entrepreneurs.

During the workshop I mentioned that planning is important and knowing what lies ahead on the calendar can be useful.

For example, leveraging a holiday to reach out to your audience can be a nice way to stay top of mind. If there’s not a holiday you want to use, why not make one up.

The example that came to mind today was – “Did you know it’s kiss your favorite architect day?

The lady sitting next to the architect got all giddy and actually leaned over and kissed the guy on the lips!

That was not expected. Everyone burst into laughter. It was an instant classic.

At the end of the workshop the lady came up to me and said, “I forgot to mention that was my husband.”

You never know what is going to happen at a HUTdogs workshop.




Put them on your naughty, nice or other list and get better marketing results

December 21st, 2016 by hutdogs

shoenaughtynicelistBuilding a quality email marketing list should be a goal for every business and non-profit. Yet many are reluctant to event try email marketing because “they don’t have a list.” If you have existing customers, donors, vendors, and volunteers – you have very powerful list that you need to leverage.

Your primary goal should be to reach out to your list at least once-per-month with a focused email marketing campaign. But what could you do to augment that once-per-month frequency without being seen as sending too much or over saturating your audience?

It’s time to think about segmentation. This means you need to drill down and understand not only your customers, prospects, fans, and super fans but you must also understand what your business provides and how those offerings are perceived by the various people on your master list.

You may want to segment based on location. If you have customers and audience across the country or around the world, you may want to consider segmenting based on time zone.  Timing is important in any marketing activity. You need to reach them when they are available. Los Angeles is having breakfast, while New York is thinking about lunch and Hawaii is sound asleep.  Sending your email when they are most likely to view it is crucial.

Your email marketing reports can help you determine how to segment. For example, say you sent an email to your entire list. It offered information on shoes. Specifically, you had a quick paragraph about red shoes and a quick paragraph about blue shoes. Each had a link to a more in depth article or perhaps a cart item on your web site. After you send the email, your Constant Contact report will show you who clicked on which link – red shoes or blue shoes. Those recorded actions could then be saved as separate lists, so now you could reach out to the red shoe lovers or the blue shoe lovers when you have a special promotion on that item.  Their behavior (clicking on the directed link) can be used as a segmentation strategy.

You could also promote separate sign up links based on interests. This allows your audience to start segmenting for you. Constant Contact allows for multiple sign up forms, which can be used as posts to social media, forms on your web site, text to join, special promotions and so on.  Giving people options can result in valuable segmented lists.

Segmentation is a powerful strategy. It helps you to better understand your audience and deliver relevant information to them.  It’s up to you to divide and conquer!