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6 Reasons to Push Send

March 26th, 2015 by hutdogs


Delivering a branded message to a targeted audience such as the folks that have expressed an interest in your products, services, and causes, is powerful. Email Marketing is a great vehicle to deliver your message to those that matter.

Sending an email campaign to your current customers, prospects and folks that have already given their permission to be on your email list is one of the most effective ways to stay top-of-mind. Reminding people of your business or non-profit is important. Offering them good information, tips, deals and other valuable content on a regular basis will pay off.

6 more reasons why Email Marketing needs to be part of your marketing mix:

  1. It’s affordable. Can you name another measurable media delivery vehicle that can reach a targeted audience, report back and cost as little as $20 a month? Probably not.
  2. It’s flexible. You can customize your email campaigns to fit your brand, your offering, your message, your call to action and your audience. You can send to multiple segments of your list or just to a very specific segment.
  3. It goes where they go. More than 65% of us are checking our emails on a mobile device. With Email Marketing you can land right in their pocket.
  4. It’s timely. You can set up a campaign to be delivered to your subscribers quickly, which makes last minute updates and announcements easy. Constant Contact even has a mobile App that lets you create and email campaign from your smart phone. On the other hand, you can also schedule your campaigns in advance. Your email campaigns get delivered when you want them to land in their inbox.
  5. It works with Social Media. You can share your campaigns to your social media at the same time you send them to your email subscribers. You can also leverage your social media to grow your Email Marketing subscribers.
  6. It’s measurable. After you send a campaign you can review the results. Check your open rate, and the click rate to see what and who is interested in what you have to say.

Next step: Set up a campaign, push SEND and watch what happens. Your business will thank you for it.

P.S. If your business or non-profit isn’t using Email Marketing, here is a link to try Constant Contact for free>>

Picture this: Instagram and Cause Marketing

March 18th, 2015 by hutdogs


Instagram is helping find forever homes for rescue dogs

Instragram is used for many things.  Families and friends share their stories through photos. Businesses leverage it as a life-style branding tool.

One of the best uses of Instagram is when it champions a great cause.

I recently met a non-profit called Hand in Paw.  They work very hard to place dogs they rescue into loving homes.  I actually ended up adopting the world’s greatest dog from them but that’s another story. Instagram is helping them get the word out in a powerful way.

Every weekend you’ll find Hand in Paw at Unleashed in Monrovia, California. They bring 3 dogs who need homes. Messages go out on Instagram sharing the background stories of the dogs with great photos. I’ve seen people from Long Beach drive to Monrovia to adopt a dog because of an Instagram post!

The content from Hand in Paw just comes natural because they are so passionate about what they do.  They don’t carry around fancy cameras and have long committee meetings to discuss what they should post next. They take great photos from their smart phones, write a quick comment and get the word out.

Instagram and social media is part of their every day operation. They are consistently telling their story, showing what’s going on behind the scenes, and getting the word out to the people who love dogs! They just do it and get the job done – finding nice people to adopt great dogs!

So, the question is; Is your non-profit or business leveraging Instagram?