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Online Marketing: Tell Your Story with Great Content

October 18th, 2016 by hutdogs

windowwasherAs business folks we need to tell our story and paint the picture we want our audience to see. We need to set a clear image of our story. We are the editors of our story, and it is up to us to create the tone, the look, and the action.

Email Marketing and Social Media help build relationships and helps keeps you top of mind. Online marketing is not always about getting the quick sale.

Think long term.

Staying top of mind holds value. Staying on everyone’s radar on a regular basis can help “open the door” for a follow up phone call, a personal visit or for a targeted email campaign with a specific call to action.

We should always start our campaigns by thinking about;

  • What’s in it for them (the audience)?
  • Why would they want to open your emails?
  • Why would they want to join your list?
  • Why should they follow you on Social Media?

For content ideas that help build relationships you may want to consider the following:

  • Having a “contest” wherein the email campaign asks for a customer success story about your business or maybe a photo of a customer using your product or service.
  • Having a referral program and let people know how you will reward referrals
  • Announcing where you will be. Will you be attending any events, conferences or mixers you could announce? “Meet me here…”
  • Supporting groups you belong to. Are there any Chambers or organizations that you belong to that have an event coming up that you could help promote with an email or social post?
  • Promoting the events of others. Are there any business networking events in the area that you could let people know about?
  • Highlighting a customer. Do you have a long-term client that could be used as an example or highlight? For example…We’ve been helping people find Bob’s business over xx years. BTW if you are in Bob’s neighborhood pop in and say hello they offer great…
  • Sharing tips and tricks. Share your expertise.
  • Answering questions. What are your most frequently asked questions? This can be a good source of content.
  • Showing community involvement. Is there a charity that you support? Sharing their events or cause can help build the feeling of community. The charity may even share your email with their audience, giving you a bit more reach.

All of this ‘non-sales’ content could be followed with an “Oh by the way…” call to action.  Oh by the way we have a workshop coming up…




10 Ideas for growing your email list

August 30th, 2016 by hutdogs

ListBuildPinkGoggleList building is an on-going task. Keep asking people to join your list throughout the year. Make it your constant goal to keep building your email marketing list.

10 Ideas for growing your email marketing list:

  1. Have a guest book. If you have a physical location, have a “guest book” or sign up form at the point of sale and train your staff to make the ask.
  2. Leverage your chamber. Are you a member of a Chamber of Commerce? Some chambers will send an email to their list on your behalf for a fee. If so, you will want the call to action in that email to have people sign up for you list for updates on marketing and advertising opportunities.
  3. Be a Speaker. See if you chamber needs a guest speaker at their next meeting.
  4. Leverage your network. If you are a member of other organizations, see if they will be willing to send an email out as well and if they have speaking opportunities.
  5. Collaborate. Who can you partner or collaborate with? Who shares your audience but would not be consider a direct competitor? Could you create an event with these folks that your audience may be interested in?
  6. Conferences and mixers – go with the intent of building the list – maybe offer a raffle prize if you have a booth or table but let them know that by entering the raffle they are also giving you the permission to join your email list. Collect emails at every opportunity.
  7. Leverage Social media:
    –    Geo and demographically targeted Facebook ads can help grow a list and build awareness. Create a Facebook Ad campaign with the goal to build your email list
    –    Post your Constant Contact sign up link to Facebook periodically –Join our list it’s fun and informative….
    –    Tweet about the benefits of joining your list and link back to your sign up
  8. Encourage the Share -When you send your Constant Contact email to your list include both the “forward to a friend” and “join my list’ links and simply ask people to share your email with their friends and colleagues.
  9. Extend your reach – When you send your email to your list via Constant Contact, you can also schedule social posts. These posts can be customized but they will link back to your email campaign, making your email campaign the landing page!
  10. Make it easy. Get a unique URL that redirects to your Constant Contact signup link. Print business cards with the URL and distribute them.

BTW – you can try Constant Contact for 60 days – click here