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Mobile-friendly email campaigns produce better results

August 26th, 2014 by hutdogs

MobilePhoneIconAccording to recent statistics, the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day and more than 43% of all emails are read on a smart phone or tablet.

Let’s face it, we are never going back to the old way of email marketing….long-winded, multi-columned emails. Those types of emails don’t look good on a mobile device, plus people don’t have time to read them. They want content that is quick and easy to digest.

We are finding that simple, one-column emails with a single clear call to action (above the scroll) are getting the best results. Constant Contact has found that there is a trend in the type of links people are clicking on too. Believe it or not, text links vs. fancy buttons are getting more action.

If email marketing is important to your business and you haven’t switched to a mobile-friendly design and content strategy, it’s time. Format your email campaigns in a way that’s easy for your readers to consume and take action on. Throw out the over-thinking process and keep them simple.

What is Your Why?

August 22nd, 2014 by hutdogs

If you ask me to “Like” your Facebook page, follow your tweets or join your email list, I want to know why. What’s in it for me? Do I become a member of an exclusive club? Will I get something I can’t get anywhere else? Is your content something that helps me, educates me, inspires me or puts a smile on my face?

The main reason people subscribe to social media and email content from a business is to receive discounts, promotions and exclusive content.

If you haven’t thought about your “why” lately, it might be time to define it further. Make a list of 10 reasons people should subscribe to your on-line content. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Like us on Facebook for exclusive discounts – coupons
  • Follow us on Twitter for updates on new product releases
  • Join the conversation on Twitter. Provide a hashtag and start a conversation about a topic related to your industry.
  • Like us on Facebook for trending news about ___________
  • Join our email list for insider rewards
  • Subscribe to our Birthday Club
  • Subscribe to our email list for tips and tricks
  • Subscribe to our email list for a schedule of __________
  • “Like” us on Facebook for a sneak peek behind the scenes
  • “Like” us on Facebook to receive _______________

What is your Why?