Think Tank

If you build it, will they come?

April 16th, 2014 by hutdogs

PoliceBannerB&WSome people believe that building a web site is all that is needed to start a thriving, prosperous business. “If I build it, they will come! I will make millions.” I’ve yet to see that happen. I believe in having a great attitude, but basing your business strategy on a Hollywood quote doesn’t make sense to me.

What makes sense is to build a web site full of quality information, blog on a consistent basis and come up with content on the right tools that link back to your site. Using tools that drive traffic like Constant Contact, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter will help you get people to your site.

Are you posting links to your site or blog on social media?  If you use email marketing, does your banner and images link to your web site? We are used to clicking on images.  If you use Pinterest, do your original images link to your web site?

And don’t forget traditional methods, flyers, postcards, business cards, banners, signs, announcing at your local chamber meeting. Bottom line, you need to let people know. Over and over again.

The bottom line:  As you distribute content on the web, you want to make sure that there are links throughout the copy and on images that lead back to you.

Promote your site at every touch point in your business (on and off-line), then they will come.

The new look of Facebook Pages

April 9th, 2014 by hutdogs

“There are three things certain in life: death, taxes and Facebook changes.”

Facebook has announced they will be rolling out a new look for pages.

The most significant changes are in the location of the apps and the two column format. The apps will now appear in two locations; the left side column or in the top navigation menu. A few of us are wondering if this means a more mobile friendly experience for custom apps. We’re hopeful.

The current two column format is going away and the left column will feature about information. The right column will feature all posts.

OldNewFacebookEven though Facebook is rearranging the furniture again, don’t get frustrated. These pages help you stay in touch with people who are important to your business. Focus on listening and providing great content to an interested audience and Facebook will serve as a great marketing tool for your business.