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What size should my image be?

July 1st, 2015 by hutdogs

Images are important on Social Media.  An interesting image on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst or Instagram can generate a lot of engagement.

Unfortunately one size does not fit all.  The same size image on Facebook might cut off someone’s head on Twitter.  Getting the right size can be tricky if you are trying to eye ball it.  It’s best to stick with these dimensions:

  • Twitter: 1024 x 512
  • Facebook Post: 940×788
  • Facebook Ad: 1200×627
  • Instagram: 640×640
  • Email Header: 600×200
  • Pinterest: 800×2000

Helpful tools like or can help you create quality images for your social media content and will help you select the correct size for the different social media platforms.

Keeping up Appearances; How to sneak away and still be there

June 25th, 2015 by hutdogs

GoneFishingSignWe were trained during our early school years that summer equals time off. Toes in the sand, naps under a shade tree, late night BBQs, care-free living, camping under the stars, midnight swimming, and waking up at noon. Summer simply beckons us to slow us down and find time to escape.

Then you graduate and the ‘real world’ lets us know what’s what.

Small business never sleeps. We always have one more, all right 100 more things to do. Taking time off is a challenge. It is also a necessity. We all need time to recharge and refocus.

Questions flood our minds and wake us with 2AM panic attacks at the mere thought of taking time off. Will my business survive if I take a week off? Will our customers go elsewhere? How will we let folks know? Who’s going to run the show? What if… etc.

So how can we (small business owners) escape?

Maybe we can’t distance our selves completely, but we can systemize our get-a-way. That means a little planning mixed with technology. Online tools can help.

  1. Schedule an email campaign to go out 2 to 3 weeks before your take off. You may want to let folks know about your summer schedule to help set expectations.
  2. Before your leave, schedule your tweets ahead of time with a tool like Hootsuite.
  3. Schedule a few Facebook posts with the Facebook’s built-in scheduling tool
  4. Create an appropriate auto-reply for your inbound emails.
  5. Schedule an email campaign to go out while you are away or better yet the week you come back.

If you are living large, when you arrive at your vacation destination, you’ll be in a place where there’s no cell reception, the WiFi stinks, the fish are biting, the BBQ is tasty and the iced tea is endless.