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The benefits of Facebook lists

September 16th, 2014 by hutdogs

ListsonFacebookIf you have friends on Facebook that fall into different categories of your life: business, personal, service clubs, school chums etc., building lists will help you organize them.

To build your lists go to:

Your lists will show up in several areas of Facebook and you will be allowed to selectively share to different lists. For example, if you create a photo album from a family vacation, you can choose your family list and only the people on that list can see your album. When you make a post about a work related event, you can set it so it just publishes to your business list.

Your lists will also show up in the news feed area so that you can selectively listen and filter out the noise you don’t want. If you click on one of your lists in the news feed, you will just get the recent posts from those people on the list.

Prioritize and use what works

September 10th, 2014 by hutdogs

“I just don’t have time to post on all of the social media channels.”  Sound familiar?

There are lots of choices for on-line marketing tools and social media. There is always something new that causes a buzz.  All the possibilities and the hype can make a business owner burn out and overwhelmed with their marketing.

It’s time to focus on what works.

I know a business owner that uses 3 tools and gets great results. He uses LinkedIn and Facebook to bring awareness to his business and find leads. His monthly Constant Contact email campaigns are simple and mobile friendly with a single clear call to action; they bring in the results that really matter – sales.

Instead of focusing on “I should be posting more on ________.”  Spend your efforts on the 3 tools that contribute to your bottom line, the tools your business can’t do without. If email marketing is important, spend your time growing a quality list instead of worrying about how many tweets an hour you should be composing.

Focus on the priorities for a while and ignore the hype. Figure out works best for your business and spend your time there.