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If List- 10 Questions

June 20th, 2016 by hutdogs

Action is where progress is made.

Some folks like to think about doing something and then wait for a magic button. But it’s the ones who roll up their sleeves and challenge themselves to give it a go, that will make things happen.

WhatIfCloudInstead of a wish list for your business, why not consider this if list.

What would happen if you:

  1. Committed to emailing your current customers at least once per month?
  2. Committed to posting on social media on a regular basis?
  3. Boosted a post?
  4. Created a Facebook ad campaign?
  5. Created an event to bring people to your business and grow your list?
  6. Created a content calendar?
  7. Collaborated with another business or non-profit?
  8. Created a survey asking about an idea or new business process?
  9. Hired a company to help with your marketing?
  10. Established an annual budget dedicated to marketing?

Which begs the question, what will happen if you don’t?

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