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A Framework for digital Marketing

February 11th, 2016 by hutdogs


Marketing is really about producing compelling content that elicits a physical and measurable response.

A good marketing campaign should produce results: clicks, calls, shares, likes, replies, purchases, referrals, conversations, etc.  These are the actions that benefit your business.

Here’s a simple framework:

  • Set up a calendar for your marketing.  Each month, define goals, objectives and a theme for your campaigns.
  • Define your marketing goals. Do you need new customers? Do you need to nurture your current customers? Do you need to bring back dormant customers?
  • Define a measurable objective. Do you want to increase sales by 20% in February? Do you need to fill seats at an event?
  • Choose a campaign type: Information sharing, announcement, event invite, discussion, offer, etc.
  • What channels will help you get the word out: email, Facebook, Twitter, direct mail.
  • Come up with unique calls to action, headlines and subject lines. Stay away from “click here,” “January newsletter.” Be more specific and get creative.  For example, if you are selling chocolates for Valentine’s day, instead of “buy now,” try “send some love.”
  • Find the best time to send your content. Use analytics in Facebook and Constant Contact to determine what days and times are better for your audience.Free 4-part digital marketing workshops at Pasadena SBDC:If you want to learn more about digital marketing, HUTdogs will be offering a four-part series Feb. 18 & 25, March 17 & 24 at the SBDC in Pasadena.  The classes are free to attend. To register, sign up at

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