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Are you big enough for Email Marketing?

August 26th, 2015 by hutdogs

“How many people do I need on my list before I should start email marketing?”

EmailListSizeThis is a question we hear frequently. It is probably a question that is rooted more in apprehension and uncertainty of reaching out and telling your story, rather than one of metrics and statistical probabilities.

How many people you need on your list may not be as many as you may think. A high quality list will generally trump a mass quantity when it comes to action.  And action is the bottom line in any marketing campaign.

Know your audience and what’s important to them.

Real World Example: A specialty dive company sent an email campaign to only 16 people. It generated over $15,000 in leads!

Why did this seemingly small list work?

  1. The ‘sweet 16’ happened to be travel and booking agents
  2. ‘The email campaign focused on how they can benefit by booking dive trips for their clients. A win, win.
  3. He pushed “SEND”.

Define the action you want people to take and then send an email. Start with your current customers. It can be that simple. Whether your list is 20 or 20,000, offer them something of value and reach out to them on a regular basis.

After you send your campaigns measure and review their actions:

  • Did they open the email?
  • Did they download the coupon?
  • Did they come in to the store?
  • Did they visit your web site?
  • Did they join your Social Media/
  • Did they attend your event?
  • Did they________?

So how many people do you need on your list to stay top of mind?

Maybe a better question is; what can we offer our list today?


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