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Content that starts dialogue

March 18th, 2016 by hutdogs

Shouting buy my stuff” the entire time on line will not help you sell your stuff. Good dialogue on and off line is what builds customer loyalty.

HUTdogsSayWhatHere are a few ideas to make your content more compelling:

  • Share your behind the scenes process. What are you working on? Are there any interesting photos that show your construction process?
  • Find common ground and show your human side. Share a picture of you and your staff doing something interesting. Think lifestyle and how your business fits a certain life style. Dogs, beaches, mud wrestling always get good engagement.
  • Curate content from relevant articles on-line. Search for articles that your people might find interesting. Sign up for Google Alerts. It will feed you topic related content.
  • Leverage fun holidays or create your own. In April there are interesting holidays like Couple Appreciation Month, Take a Wild Guess Day and Community Spirit Days.
  • Share top things to do and see in the area you serve.
  • Leverage big events coming up like the Olympics, local community events etc.
  • Share answers from commonly asked questions.
  • Interview your staff and your leaders. Ask them about their hobbies and interests.
  • Share information you recently gained from a conference, trade show or lecture.
  • Offer tips and facts in an easy to consume format (bullet points).
  • Share trends in the industry.

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