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Email Marketing in 2015

December 30th, 2014 by hutdogs

EnewsIconEmail marketing is still important. Some people thought it might go away when other social media strategies started coming on strong. Email is not going anywhere. In fact, more and more businesses are finding that email campaigns build lasting relationships with customers.

The email campaigns that produce the best results are simple.  Emails with a single clear call to action with easy to consume content drive results.

If email marketing seems overwhelming, break it down in 12.  Look at 2015 and build a simple editorial calendar with 12 email campaign ideas (one for each month). Think about each month. What holidays and events you can leverage? What do you need to promote?  After you send out your first email, you’ll realize the value. When you use a tool like Constant Contact, you’ll be able to measure your results. You can see who opened your emails and what they clicked on. You can also schedule your emails in advance.

Email is not going anywhere. It’s something we all use and it’s an important part of cultivating relationships.

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