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Facebook Insights

May 27th, 2016 by hutdogs

If you have a Facebook page, insights is a valuable tool that will give you statistics about your posts and the audience you are reaching.

Insights is part of your business page and there is no fee to use it but it won’t show up on your page until you have 35 “Likes” on your page.

Here are 3 metrics to look at in insights and what they will help you analyze:

  1. Posts will show you what days and times your audience is on Facebook. This is helpful when you are scheduling your posts. It will also show you individual statistics for each post.
  2. Also under posts, you will find out how many people were reached and how they engaged with each post and type of content (video, photo, link). You can also find out if anyone hid your post, reported it as spam or unliked your page. This is valuable information as you develop content. Make sure to click on the name of the post so you can dig deeper into the analytics.
  3. Actions on page will help you measure your calls to action: website clicks, phone number clicks etc. You can even measure these clicks by age, gender country, city and type of device.

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