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Google and Facebook Ads

May 8th, 2015 by hutdogs

Advertising on line has its advantages. Facebook and Google both have large audiences and there are benefits to utilizing both.

Think of Google as the old fashioned Yellow Pages. It’s your go-to if you are looking for something specific. For example, your tooth falls out while you are in Hawaii; you do a Google search for Hawaii dentists and a list comes up.  The dentists that take advantage of Google Adwords are more likely to appear at the top of that list. Google is all about search and catching people at the time they are looking for something specific. Facebook ads are all about being part of the content.

Think of Facebook as a prime time media channel like TV.  As the audience hangs out on Facebook for their entertainment, news and updates, ads make their way into the flow of content based on the psychographics of each individual.  Psychograhics are the values, opinions, attitudes, interests and lifestyle of a target audience. As an advertiser, you can target people who are newly engaged, just moved, have a Birthday coming up and other very specific. Facebook ads are great for building brand awareness and targeting very specific audiences.
Facebook ads are more affordable than Google ads but if you do a bit of both, you will see a difference in the traffic to your web site and your reach.

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