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Instagram System: Post Once, Populate Many

January 6th, 2015 by hutdogs



Building systems for your social media will save you time and help you get your message out. There are lots of ways to set up your tools so you can post in one place and populate others. Instagram is a great starting tool in a system. You can take a picture from your smart phone, post it on Instagram and it will automatically post on Twitter, Facebook and your website.

Here are two easy steps that will build a system for your Instagram posts:

  1. Instagram settings: choose “share settings.” Select Facebook and Twitter and follow the instructions to link to your accounts. You can set up your Facebook feed to go to your personal profile page or to a business page you admin.
  2. Add a feed to your website: Use a widget maker like to create code that you can install on your website. There are several widget format types to choose from (grid, slide show, scrolling etc.) This is a great way to keep images current on your website.

Setting up systems saves you time and extends the reach of your content.

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