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OUCH… that font is painful!

January 20th, 2015 by hutdogs

The other day I received an email that used all caps in a very tiny script font! I needed to read it but it took me forever! OUCH, my aching eyes.

With so much content coming at us on mobile devices, it’s important to take it easy on your readers. Choose legible fonts and make them bigger.

If email marketing is part of your business and you rely on it to convert sales…make sure it’s easy to read.

Do you know what the most legible font is on-line? If you guessed Verdana, you are correct.  Arial and Helvetica are also easy to read on screens. Fonts that are typically more legible in print, like Times, tend to look blurry in the on-line world.

Font size matters too. Constant Contact says to stick with 16 point for body copy and 22 point for headline copy.

You can still add some flavor with bigger, smaller and fancier fonts here and there.  Just don’t over do it. In the end, you want your message to get read.

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