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Plan 12 Campaigns Now

January 5th, 2016 by hutdogs

The best gift you can give your business this year is a 12-month marketing campaign strategy. We work with a client who knows exactly what they want to promote every month (there are only 12 of them). Each month, their campaign produces a bottom line result of more sales because they stay focused with their messages both on-line and off line.

Here are a few tips for setting up your 12-month plan:

  • Print out a blank calendar that will be used only for your Marketing.
  • Assign an overall theme for each month. For example: January is national thank you month. You might create a month-long campaign with thank you notes, coupons and special offers to your current customers.
  • Add a goal to each month. What’s your hook each month? How will you measure success?
  • Look for quirky holidays that you can tie into your monthly themes that provide out of the box creative opportunities. For example, January is Hot Tea month. February 6 is “Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast day.” Do a Google search for “Quirky Holidays.”
  • Add big events to your calendar that you can leverage in your creative content (super bowl, award shows, Olympic Games in August, trending news stories etc.) Do a Google search for “exciting things happening in 2016.”
  • Add your local community events. For example, a realtor might provide a list of local firework shows around the 4th of July that is part of a July theme of “local summer fun” in our community.
  • Mark all the dates that are important in your business. When are you launching a new product or services? When are you signature events?
  • Use tools that allow you to schedule content. Constant Contact, Hootsuite and Facebook all have scheduling features so you can set up your campaigns in advance.
  • Mix in off-line strategies. Flyers, postcards and printed collateral to distribute at your front desk or other physical locations are just as important as your emails and social media posts. They all work together to reinforce your campaign.

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