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Schedule Instagram Posts

April 21st, 2015 by hutdogs


Scheduling social media content helps you take a more strategic approach to your content and keeps you organized. Hootsuite and Facebook’s own scheduler make it easy to plan Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter content. But, what about Instagram?

Scheduling on Instagram is a bit trickier. When it comes to managing Instagram with Hootsuite, you can only view, like, and comment other posts but you can’t upload posts/pictures through Hootsuite.

I recently discovered a cool tool for Instagram called Latergramme ( It allows you to upload images and schedule posts from your desktop. But, there is a drawback. You still need to have a mobile devise to complete the post. Latergramme sends a reminder to your mobile device and you have to open up Instagram to confirm and post.

Latergramme’s free version includes 30 posts per month and the ability to connect 2 Instagram accounts. Their Premium account is $16 per month and includes 250 posts per month, 2 Instagram accounts and 2 team member collaboration. They also offer a Brand and Agency plan for unlimited posts, and unlimited accounts.

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