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The 2 second drill for action

January 22nd, 2016 by hutdogs

First2WordsYou’ve got less than 2 seconds to capture someone’s attention in their inbox. The first two words of your subject line could be a make or break for your campaign.

Composing a good subject line for your email campaign is important. According to a study done by Constant Contact, the first two words in an email’s subject line determine if the recipient will read the rest of the subject line.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Use humor and pronouns: Your dog stinks. We can help.
  • Use problem solving lingo: Your dog stinks. Our groomer can help.
  • Use pronouns: we, you, your, our, you’re etc.
  • Ask a question: Did you know our shoes have wings?
  • Try a single word: BOGO
  • Be positive: Good News. Our slippers come in pink now!
  • Be informative and straightforward: Update: The event has been cancelled
  • Use numbers: 5 tips to help you win the power ball
  • Make it personal: You requested more information. Here it is.
  • Be Inclusive: Your invitation to the VIP event.
  • Announce: Introducing our new groomer.


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