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Leverage a wacky holiday

September 1st, 2015 by hutdogs

If you need a fun marketing campaign idea for the month of September, why not leverage an off-beat holiday.  We found a site that lists all kinds of wacky holidays at

  • September 10th is TV Dinner Day.
  • September 15th is National Felt Hat Day.
  • September 18th is Rice Krispies Treats Day. I know right?

If you can’t find a holiday that ties into your business, make one up!

Turn a wacky holiday into a fun campaign for your business. For example, September 4th is Eat and Extra Dessert Day? If you own a restaurant or a bakery, you could design a whole campaign around this and send an email marketing piece. Offer an extra dessert for an extra 50% off in honor of this well-known and important holiday.  Posts fun dessert pictures on Social Media. Ask people to share pictures of their extra desserts.

Have fun with your marketing campaigns and you might just stand out in the crowd.

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