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Peachjar: A great way to reach parents

October 19th, 2015 by hutdogs

If you want to get into the inbox of every parent in your school district, Peachjar is the tool to use.
Peachjar sends school-approved eflyers directly to parents email. It delivers directly to all parents whose email address in on file with the district that is part of the Peachjar network of schools. They charge a service fee and they have a few rules.

Depending on the school district’s rules, you may need to be a non-profit (Enrichment or Community Organization) and your flyer will go through an approval process with the school district.

Peachjar does not make any flyer approval decisions – it is up to the school district whether or not the organization must be a nonprofit to use the service.

If you are a business that is not eligible to use Peachjar because you don’t have non-profit status that a school district may require, you might consider partnering and collaborating with a non-profit in your community.

For example…With the holidays coming up, you might consider hosting a toy drive/open house at your place of business and partner with a non-profit that serves children.  If you create a win-win, your collaboration could result in more donations for the non-profit and more exposure for your business.

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