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Facebook News Room Level 1 - 3months
Price: $225.00 

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Facebook News Room 3 Month subscription - Level 1

This service is offered as a PRE-PAID subscription.  


• News Room currates content relevant to Client's audience and offering - helps position Page as a valuable resource for Client's audience
• News Room  provides content discovery which can be used as a source of posts to Client's Facebook activity
• News room helps leverage trending information in Client's industry/service offering

NOTE: News Room Subscriptions will need to be renewed before initial 3 month term has expired. News Room Subscription for Level 1 renewal for an additional 3 months term is $225.00.

Client will be billed in advance of subscription and or its renewal. Payments must be recieve prior to term end date or service will be discontinued.

If ordering for the first time, you must contact a HUTdogs representative before purchasing.