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Take ACTION!  
Not quite sure what to do first?
Here are some simple steps to get your online marketing moving forward:

ConstantContactLogoTryFreeBanner.jpg1.  Start an e-mail marketing program.  

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Start with a very simple e-mail to a small list of your current and best customers. Thank them for their business. Perhaps you offer them a reward for being a loyal customer, include a coupon for their next purchase. Or, maybe you send out a simple email telling your customers that you are on Facebook or Twitter and ask them to join in the converstation; provide a link to your facebook page or twitter address.  Keep it very simple and test it out. After you send your email, look at your reports and find out who opened your email and what they clicked on. 


2. Build a Facebook Page for your business. FacebookTImelineQuickLook.jpg

To start, sign into your regular account and then go to

Best practice: Keep your business and personal worlds separate under one account. No need to set up multiple accounts on Facebook.   

The Timeline format for Pages offers more opportunity to make your Page visual and creative. Download a quick anatomy of the new Timeline>>


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Download our complimentary and very helpful  check list  that will show you how to set up a system to keep business and personal separate on Facebook. 


3. Stay focussed - build quality lists 



Marketing is about finding and building relationships with the right people who need, who can afford, who have time, who trust and like you and who are interested in your product or services.  Focus on connecting with people who are important to your business.

There are many tools that build lists, they just take different forms.  In Facebook you build "likes" and "friends."  In Twitter, you build "followers." In LinkedIn, you build "connections." If you use an email marketing program, you build a list of email addresses.

Building a quality list of emails that you can deliver quality messages to is one of the best on-line marketing strategies for most businesses.  

10 things you can do to build your email list:

1. Include the sign up form on your web site and all touch points of your web presence. We recommend that your sign up form is positioned on the top of every page of your site, blog and/or custom facebook tabs.  Ask yourself if your web site has a way to keep visitors connected to you. They might be able to find your site, click around a bit but once they click away, you've lost them.  Include a strategy that allows them to sign up to receive email updates, special promotions, reminders, offers etc. You might even consider including it in your email signature for all those emails you send on a daily basis.

2. Include the sign up form on your Facebook Page. If you use Constant Contact, they have a sign up application you can put on your page:

3. Include "join our email list" links in your emails. Even though the person receiving the email is already on your list, they may forward your email to a friend and this will give the friend the opportunity to subscribe to your list too. 

4. Ask people to join your email list  on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  In Constant Contact, you can get the link to your sign up page under "Contact" >  "Grow my contact list" > "Create a Link."  On the bottom right you will see "Need a quick link to your sign up form."  This will give you the link to your sign up form that can share in a social media post.  (You can shorten it at  For example, your post might say something like, "to receive monthly tips and tricks about XYZ, join our e-mail list now." 

5. ASK!  When you are in front of a live audience or exchanging business cards at a networking event, ask for permission to add them to your e-mail list.

DESKTOP.jpg 6. Have a sign up form/guest book at your front desk or at a trade show booth. Make sure you let them know what they are signing up for and your frequency.

7.  Train your staff to ask.  Make sure to ask people who call your business if they would like to be added to your email list. Let them know the benefits of joining your list and what's in it for them. Constant Contact has a desktop tool that allows you to quickly add or update a contact without opening a web browser.  You might consider putting this on your staff's computers so it is easy for them to add e-mail names to the list. Download the contact capture desktop tool now >

8. Ask people to join your e-mail list via text.  Constant Contact has a great tool called "text to join," you'll find it under "contacts" > "grow my contact list."  This is a great tool if you are speaking in front of an audience, on TV or radio.  For example, "join the hutdogs email list by texting the word 'hutdogs' to 22828."  They will be asked to enter their email address which will automatically go into your contact list.

9.  Print a QR Code on your business card and other print collateral. People can scan your QR code with their smart phone and it will take them directly to a sign up page where they can enter their email and join your list. In Constant Contact go to "Contacts," then go to "Grow my Contact List" and look for "Scan a QR code."  This will automatically generate a QR code for you that you can start to use.

10.  Set up a social campaign sweepstake.  Here is a link with step-bystep instructions how to set up a sweepstake that builds both emails and Facebook "Likes" with Constant Contacts Social Campaign tool.


Ideas to help you build your list of  "Likes" on Facebook:

Check out these 5 tips to build your "likes" list in Facebook>>

Connect with people who are important to your business.  Customers, people who you network with, people who like to refer you, your vendors, etc.

Be persistent, list building is an on-going activity.  It helps to keep you motiviated and focussed if you keep track of your progress on your monthly calendar, record the number of "Likes" "Friends" "Connections" "Emails" and "Followers"  every month so you can watch your growth.

4. Extend the reach of your messaging. Set your Facebook Page post to feed to your Twitter account.  

To set it up go to

Build a system that works for you Learn more >>

CalendarExample.jpg5. Set up a calendar for your social media and e-mail marketing campaigns. Make a list of important date and messages that you need to share about your business. Then schedule your campaign around those events and important dates.
Download a free calendar template to get you started. Click here>>


6. Create a QR code using; it's easy! QRcode.jpg

5 steps for creating a code using
  1. Decide where you want your QR code to link  (what url address). Consider creating a QR code that links to your email sign up form.
  2. Copy the URL address and paste it into Get the new address
  3. Copy the new address and paste it into the address bar of your web browser.  At the end of your address simply add ".qr" (For example:  (note, all we did was add the .qr on the end and it took us to a page with the art for the code)
  4.  Download the QR art and use it on your printed material.
  5.  Make sure to give it a test on your own smart phone. We have found the ATTscanner app works great.

p.s. if you use Constant Contact, you can also create a very quick QR code in their tools.  Once you log-in to your account, go to "grow my contact list" and select "scan a QR code" and it will walk you through a quick and easy set-up.

More ideas for QR codes >

  7. Create content that your audience will find valuable

HUTdogsPeacockStrut.jpgTell your story and make it interesting and valuable to your audience. Use relevant keywords to help people find your online presence.

Ask yourself when you are creating content:

  1. What makes your company, product and services different than the competition?
  2. What’s in it for them (the audience)?
  3. Why should they care?
  4. What action do you want them to take?


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