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Facebook Ads Made Easy Course
Price: $49.00 



This training course starts September 11, 2019, and runs until September 25, 2019.

Facebook Ads Made Easy is a HUTdogs Training HOWclass.  In this course we will simplify the complexity of advertising on Facebook, and show you how to get results.  

Your Facebook Ads Made Easy course covers a two week timeframe.

Week 1 - We kick-off your training with an exclusive webinar where we introduce you to various ideas, strategies and overview of the Facebook ad model. After the webinar you will be given exclusive access to the HUTdogs training course.

Week 1-2 - You will have 24/7 access to a series of on-line video turorials and worksheets. These training modules will help you learn how to use Facebook Advertising for your business.

End of Week 2 - Wrap-up and graduation exclusive webinar. We will highlight your progress and offer additional tips to help you keep moving forward. 

During your 2-week training, you will be given assignments that you will need to complete. You will also have access to the HUTdogs coaches to your ask questions.

This training is only availble from HUTdogs.