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Constant Contact MasterTemplate L1
Price: $425.00 



Constant Contact Master Template - Level 1

Have HUTdogs set up a branded master template in your Constant Contact Email account that can be used over and over to generate you next email marketing piece.

Scope includes:

• Set up of one (1) branded Email template in your Constant Contact account.

• One (1) branded banner head

• Template layout and overall look

• Social Media block with links

• Contact information block with links 

• Signature block

• Custom branded welcome message (customize autorespondor with your logo and message for new sign ups)

• Up to one-half (1/2) hour of one-on-one coaching /walk through on how to use the template

Your email template will be branded using your logo and designated colors. Client to provide logo via digital format. 

HUTdogs will customize your email marketing template based on the information you provide about your business, products and services.

We'll talk to you about how you envision your email marketing communications and once we understand the look and feel you want, we will set up a branded email template in your Constant Contact account. You will then be able to copy and re-name the master template for your subsequent email campaigns.

Client must have an active Constant Contact Account. If you do not have an account, HUTdogs can help you acquire a Constant Contact account.

HUTdogs will need to Admin access to your Constant Contact account.


This offering does NOT include logo development or custom logo design. It does NOT include any stock photography, custom graphics, and or photo manipulation/Photoshop touch-ups or enhancements to client provided images. It does NOT include any copy writting or content creation.

HUTdogs will need to have access to your Constant Contact account.

Client to provide all photos, logos and images and written content.

Custom logos, images and written content can be created by HUTdogs if Client wishes. These services are considered beyond what is included in the scope listed above. A separate estimate will be provided for these additional services and will need to be approved by Client prior to any addtional work. Stock photo costs TBD.