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Hands On workshop
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HUTdogs Hands-On workshop

For Hands on workshops you are responsible for the use and maintenance of your own computer/laptop.

It must be a working LAPTOP with wireless Internet connection. You must have a current/up to date browser and OS. You must be familiar with your laptop and know how to access the Internet using your laptop's wireless connection. Tablets and iPads should not be used. No time will be spent to trouble shoot laptop issues.

Refund policy: Attendance to the Hands-on Workshop Session is by paid admission only, and is specifically associated with the given date and venue. Registration/payment for Hands-on Workshop cannot be transferred, traded, substituted or refunded. Once you have registered and paid for the Hands-on Workshop, NO refunds will be issued. Registrants that subsequently can not attend the paid event, for what ever reason, will not have the cost of the event refunded, traded, and or credited, your paid admission will simply be forfeited if you can not attend.