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2 Hour Learning Block
Price: $250.00 

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Learning time blocks - 2 hours (our most popular)

Learning Blocks can be used for:
• Instruction and coaching for Facebook
• Instruction and coaching for Facebook Pages
• Instruction and coaching for Facebook Profile
• Instruction and coaching for Constant Contact email marketing tool
• Marketing Strategy sessions / coaching
• Email Marketing campaign development**

Before you purchase a time block, you may want to call HUTdogs to discuss the scope of your project to determine which block of time will fit best. Then simply pay for the amount estimated. Payment can be made via the convenience of your credit card, on HUTdogs secure online check out. After payment has been received, HUTdogs will slate your project.

IMPORTANT- Client (you) will be responsible for making the call(s) to your coach/teacher at the appointed time(s). If Client does not show up or does not call in at the scheduled time, the time slot/block will be forfeited and Client will be charged for the entire scheduled block of time. The time will be considered as used/expired and will not be re-issued or rescheduled for a later date. No refunds will be given.

All cancellations or reschedules made by Client must be made 24 hours in advance of the designated appointment time. If Client does NOT inform HUTdogs 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment, Client forfeits the time block and will be charged for the entire session.

If for any reason the HUTdogs coach needs to reschedule the appointment, we will call you prior to the session and your time block will remain in good status.

Time purchased must be used with in 6 weeks from the date of purchase or it will be forfeited. No refunds will be given. There is a one (1) hour minimum charge for all requests. If the scope of work is modified, extended, delayed or otherwise changed, additional costs may apply. If there is a change in the scope of work, your HUTdogs representative will notify you of any additional costs associated with your project.

NOTE: Learning blocks can NOT be used for web development, web maintenance, web design, custom FBML, iframe development/implementation, or other web site / web master related projects. If you have a web site project, please contact HUTdogs to discuss.

**Email Marketing instruction applies only for Constant Contact Email marketing. Constant Contace tools/subscriptions is sold separately.