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HUTdogs QuickSite™ is the affordable, easy to use, do-it-yourself web site solution for businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs. The easy to use content mangement system (CMS) demystifies building a web site and it lets you make changes to your site whenever you like. Use the HUTdogs QuickSite™ as your main web site or if you already have a web site, use it as a strategic portal to help drive traffic to that site.

Here's what some of the HUTdogs QuickSite™ owners have to say:

DesignHollywoodBaner.jpg I have been looking for an easy way to make and maintain a website and finally found the solution it in HUTdogs QuickSite. I use my QuickSite as a landing page for my company to welcome, and direct our customers and members to the right destination. QuickSite has been such a time saver, I can't believe it took me only a couple of hours to have it done. I can change the content, anytime I want, I can place pictures, videos, have a gallery, add pages, take them away, all in a jiffy. I don't need to call a web master anymore, now I'm making all the changes and saving lots of time and money.

It is by far the easiest, fastest way to do a website, plus the customer service is outstanding. Thank you HUTdogs, I love my QuickSite!

– Michele Michel - Founder, Designed by Hollywood


tpgrental.jpg “This is such a great solution for our satellite projects. It’s easy and convenient to control the content. We can add and change the information at any time. The QuickSite is the perfect tool to help push traffic to our main site while promoting special projects like our available Los Angeles production space, and the gallery feature really works well to show the property.”

– Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess!

TownsendBanner.jpg "I established my site through a wonderful on-line service called HUTdogs QuickSite. I recommend it to you. This service allows you to establish a web presence in an easy to use, well-instructed, and intuitive tool. QuickSite can be whatever you need it to be for you, either a quick and simple start-up or a more complex and professionally designed and polished web presence. HUTdogs created a beautiful banner for me, but I was able quite easily to populate my site myself. All the tools you need are there for you, and I learned a great deal in the process -- everything from creating links to adjusting the resolution of your photos so that they don't take forever to load. I used one of the HUTdogs color templates -- coffee and cream -- to give my site a rich appearance with no effort at all. HUTdogs is great for either a personal site like mine or for initiating your own on-line business."

- Valerie Ryan, owner of Townsend Ranch

EventPowerBanner.jpg "If you told me I could make my web site during your workshop, I wouldn't have believed you. But I did just that. During your BYOL, I built the simple site I needed in two hours!"

- Bill Geist owner of Event Power Associates


"The Hutdogs QuickSite is easy to work with. Now I have an affordable way to refine and improve my website by making changes to my content and adjusting my message as often as I like."

- Jerry Dominguez, owner of No Jiggle


LeasershipInstBanner.jpg “You are amazing! your work is fantastic! I am going to edit my work this weekend. I am like a child - I AM SO EXCITED!!!!”

- Lena Kennedy, owner of Leadership Institute


GiggleGlyphQSbnr.jpg "This is a great way to create an additional portal for visitors to buy the book from my publisher. Now people can buy the book either from my QuickSite or from my main site . This is an excellent way get extra exposure on the web."

- Author of Lost in Etchitopia, a Giggleglyph Adventure



"I had so much fun playing around with this. It is no lie to say that I've pretty much set up my entire site in around 2 hours. And I actually had fun doing it! This is a really great service. It's easy, intuitive and perfect for people like me who are most comfortable with Word."

- Kelly Kester-Smith, owner of YES! Communications

“Wow – what an amazing program!  I have no html or programming skills and I was able to create a fantastic website on QuickSite within hours.  I easily uploaded photos, created payment buttons and entered text I could customize.  The teleclass explaining the features of QuickSite was quick and easy and I was off creating within minutes.  When I had a question about moving text on a page, HUTdogs responded quickly and solved my problem right away.  I love the creation process of a website – and thanks to QuickSite, I can create it, update it and maintain it myself.”

- Cathy Alessandra, NAOEM National Association of Entreprenuer Moms