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Email Marketing: 5 Ideas to make it personal

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

In email marketing, the subject line makes the first impression in their inbox. It’s your first chance to capture their attention and get your brand noticed, email opened and message read. So let’s make it personal.

Constant Contact recently introduced the ability to personalize the subject line. So what does that mean?

It means you can add the first name and other contact information directly in the subject line. For example instead of having a subject line that reads, “Here are 5 tips on Email Marketing.” You can personalize it to read, “John here are 5 tips on Email Marketing you can use today.

In order to do this, you will need to have the first name of your contacts in your Contacts List. Now is the time to start collecting more contact information with the idea leveraging it in your future marketing efforts.

The subject line can also be personalized with other contact information such as anniversary, birthday, city, state, job title and more.

Here are 5 ideas to make it personal:

  1. Use the contact’s first name in the subject line to spark the “conversation.” Everyone loves their own name, and seeing it in their inbox can lower the hesitation to open the email and start engaging. The example above, “John here are 5 tips on Email Marketing you can use today,” is one way it might be used.
  2. Make and “exclusive” offer for where they live. Imagine your business has a nation wide audience and you want to offer a special deal on your products or services across the country. Why not make it seem like an exclusive regional deal? Add the location of the email subscriber to the subject line, “Special offer for [City or State] residents…” They will see their City or State, in the subject line, which may make the offer / announcement seem more exclusive.
  3. Speak to their professional title. For a B2B (business to business) company, you could add a person’s title to the subject line. For example, “How a [CEO, Human Resource Specialist, Manager, or whatever the title, etc.] can become more productive with the Art of Promotion online training.” It can help the reader identify with the subject as it relates to their job.
  4. Have a Birthday Special. Say you have a universal message that you want to distribute to the majority of your list(s). Your email but could capture the reader’s attention by adding a birth month to the subject line. For example; the subject line could be “3 ways people born in [Month] can benefit from___“ Everyone could then see their personal birth month in the subject line.
  5. Combine the first name with another personal data point. For example, combine their name with their job title, “John, other [job title] have had good results with _____”.

The idea is to make the subject line stand out in a personal manner. It also means that the content that you are delivering needs to live up to your subject line. Don’t try to trick them or mislead them in the subject line especially if you are personalizing the subject line. The more you can personalize your marketing efforts the more chance people will respond to your campaigns favorably.

Get creative, get personal and get results!

5 Ideas to Power-Up Your Marketing

Monday, September 25th, 2017

People spend a great deal of time online. Your marketing efforts need to be online as well. Websites, social media and email marketing all need to be part of your marketing plan. That doesn’t mean “old school” marketing such as printed brochures, post cards, holiday cards, business cards, annual reports, calendars etc., should be forgotten.

Studies show that multiple touches need to occur before a customer becomes a customer. Having a comprehensive and cohesive marketing campaign that combines online with off can get results.

Here are 5 ideas to combine online and traditional marketing:

  1. Have printed brochures available for people who visit your brick and mortar. Make sure your brochures point to your website and social media presence. Possibly even have a ‘hidden deal’ page on your web site that only folks that received a brochure would know about. This could help drive traffic to your site and create interest in your brand.
  2. Offer them a year of deals. For example: let people know online and via your email marketing that they can ask for a complimentary calendar to be mailed to them (of course that calendar should have monthly specials and other enticements). This can be a great way to stay top-of-mind all year.
  3. Print out business cards that double as an online coupon. For example: if you had a space at a trade-show or networking event, you could hand out cards to the people you meet. These cards could have an “exclusive discount code” that they could use when they purchase from your online store before a specified date.
  4. Grow your email list by sending a post card to select zip codes and demographics. For example: you could purchase a physical address/mailing list from a mailing house and periodically send a postcard to everyone on that list. The mailers would offer something enticing, direct them to signup for exclusive email offers, and maybe even enter in a give-away or contest. Of course, you should make sure to print your URL for your email sign up or lead page on that mailer.
  5. Offer your annual report as printed piece and as a PDF download. You may want send everyone an email with the PDF download and offer the option to contact you for a printed version. Many donors and supporters may prefer a printed report. Providing the option, can improve the readership of your important communications.

It is important to remember that people like to connect with a business. Even though most of us are “connecting” online, the printed piece still has value. Print lets people literally touch your brand. It can reinforce your online communications, help drive traffic to your online presence and bring a real-world feel to your audience.