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HUTdogs is named Constant Contact’s Solution Provider of the Year

Monday, October 5th, 2015


OCTOBER 5, 2015

HUTdogs is named Constant Contact’s Solution Provider of the year. HUTdogs was selected from over 10,000 national Solution Providers.

The announcement was made at the Red Rock Casino and Resort in Las Vegas Nevada
during this year’s Constant Contact’s OneCon Conference. Solution Providers, Constant Contact Executives and Constant Contact staff gather to share ideas and ways to grow and improve. The conference hosts attendees from around the world.

HUTdogsConstantContactSP2015award“We have been a Solution Provider for Constant Contact for several years, which has been wonderful for our business, and to be honored with their top award is simply amazing!” Said Merri Jill Finstrom, Chief Creative Officer at HUTdogs. “It is also very humbling knowing that HUTdogs is partnered with, and recognized by, a world class company like Constant Contact.”

HUTdogs offers marketing by design. They are rooted in graphic design and have seen the impact that Email Marketing and Social Media can have on small and large businesses alike.  They have been in business for over 15 years helping businesses and non-profits.


5 Tips to Help with your Email Marketing

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

HUTdogs_KROQ_CBSHUTdogs was recently asked by Constant Contact if we would be interested in providing 5 tips for Email and Social Media Marketing and if we would mind taping them for a series of radio spots for the Los Angeles market.

“Yes!” Spit out of my mouth before I knew it. “We’d love to help!” When opportunity knocks, open the door.

Before I knew what was happening, I was in the World Famous KROQ studios taping the spots. The sound engineer, Brad, was amazing. He had the edited versions whipped out in seconds.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, listen to the radio for Constant Contact’s “Small Business Spotlight Tip of the Week.” And for those that won’t be able to tune in, here are 5 (ok 6) more tips that can help move your business forward.

  1. Create Subject Lines for email marketing that will engage your audience. Keep them short and to the point. Just tell folks what’s in the email. Don’t try to trick them to open the email. 5-8 words is plenty. Make your words count. The first two words of your subject line will determine if they will read the next few words of the subject, which can help persuade them to open the email to get to the good stuff.
  2. Schedule your emails when your audience is most likely to be active.  To determine when that may be, you may want to try an “A” “B” test to help find your sweet spot. With Constant Contact you can segment your list. This means you can send the same email to a portion of list one day and then to the remaining portion on another day. Review your results and you will begin to see which days and times have better action.
  3. Use email marketing with social media to measure results. Results in social media can be hard to measure. Email marketing and Constant Contacts Social Campaign tools can help. For example you could create a marketing campaign in Facebook to build “Likes” while at the same time enticing them to sign up for your email marketing list. If they give your Page a “like” and provide their email address they will be entered in the contest, or get access to an exclusive coupon or document. A simple way to track the action is to write down how many followers you have on social media before your campaign and compare to how many you gained when the promo ends.
  4. Build on what you’ve done. Constant Contact’s reporting is exciting. You can see who opened your email, what links they clicked on, if they shared the email and if any of the emails didn’t make it. Over time this information will help you determine when to send, what information is important to your audience and what tends to get the most action.
  5. Use Email to grow your list in Social Media and vice versa.  Ask your following in social media to join your email list. But there had better be something in it for them so be prepared to provide valuable information and offers in your email marketing. Did you know Constant Contact has an App for Facebook that is a virtual “Guest Book” that lets your audience sign up for your email right in Facebook? Then every once in a while, send out an email and direct people to “Like”, “Follow”, and Connect with you on social media.
  6. Make sure there is something in it for your audience. Talk their language and ask yourself is this valuable for my audience? That single question will help you create content that matters. Also, it is important to use your custom welcome email message strategically. Your welcome could offer an immediate offer or reward something they will only get if they join your list. Once you give them a good reason to sign up,  you need to deliver.

If you’d like to try Constant Contact for free, here’s our secret link>>

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about Email and Social Media Marketing, come say hello at one of our local workshops.