Web Sites

From the basic informational site to a full shopping cart, we design systems and develop solutions that fit our client's needs. Here are some samples of what we have done:


sierrafit.jpg CLIENT: Sierra Fitness - www.sierrafit.com

GOAL: A site that the client can easily update on their own. Site includes a full content management system (CMS), a module for changing a weekly schedule of classes with fly out descriptions and a control panel for simple changes to the instructor bios and photos. The staff at Sierra Fitness makes all their own changes which saves expensive "hourly" web maintenance fees.


shabbydog.jpg CLIENT: The Shabby Dog - www.theshabbydog.com

GOAL: A high-end shopping experience. This site has a full CMS (content management system) and a photo gallery page and a shopping cart that has lots of custom features including multiple levels of categorization and cross-promotional features. The tools allows the client to easily manage online products and orders. The client can add, modify and delete  products and images, create featured items, and manage inventory.


tpgweb.jpg CLIENT: The Party Goddess!  - www.thepartygoddess.com

GOAL: An interactive, fun and unique site that promotes the brand of The Party Goddess! Includes a blog, opt-in forms for constant contact which builds their e-zine mailing lists. This is a good example of a very dynamic and interactive site that received thousands of hits a day.



savor.jpgCLIENT: Savor The Flavor - www.savortheflavor.net

GOAL: Develop a basic shopping cart system with a full CMS (content management system) that the client can easily update. The tools allow the client to changes to their content, upload images, add, modify and delete products, create new sub categories and manage inventory.


hutdogsweb.jpg CLIENT: Emjay Creative  - www.hutdogs.com

GOAL: Over the years, we have received many requests from people starting a business or customers who don't have a large budget for a web site but know the importance of having a web presence.  We decided to build a system that provides an affordable, easy-to-use, do-it-yourself solution. We came up with HUTdogs, a sub-division of Emjay Creative. This site has an e-commerce suite, a content management system, and our web builder solution for users to sign in, create their site, host their site and make update whenever they want. We also added a directory to help promote QuickSite members.  The goal at HUTdogs is to help build marketing and web solutions quickly, easily and for a reasonable cost.

rightundernose.jpg CLIENT: Childrens Hospital Los Angeles  - www.myspinabifidabook.org


GOAL: Develop a web site to promote Right Under My Nose an intereactive experience created to help children with spina bifida understand their condition, discover new ways to enrich their lives and help their parents and caregivers answer many of the tough questions that arise. With a fully interactive story, activities, tips, and a printable version of the whole book, this site is intended to be educational and fun.


js2.jpg CLIENT: JS2 Communications  

GOAL: A fun demonstration with flash animation and sound. Developed to create a dramatic entry point.




MicheleMichel.jpg CLIENT: Michele Michel   michelemichel.hutdogs.com  

GOAL: A sample of a HUTdogs Quicksite. A simple portfolio and brand promotion page.