HUTdogs QuickSqueeze


FetchQuickSqzDogAT.jpgThe essential tool for capturing and building targeted qualified email lists for you e-marketing/email campaigns.

HUTdogs QuickSqueeze® is designed to be affordable and easy to use. HUTdogs on-line Content Management System (CMS) provides you with 24/7 access to your site’s admin, so that you can make changes whenever you like. There is no need to know HTML or how to post to an FTP. The on-line CMS tools are built to be familiar and intuitive. All you need is Internet access and you can make changes to your squeeze page system easily.

The QuickSqueeze® is a double Opt-in lead capture system.  Create a landing page that entices your visitors to enter their email and contact information and the system will automatically direct them to a confirmation message that is sent to their email address. Once they confirm (double opt-in) that they want to be on your list, the informational report page is automatically delivered to them.

The QuickSqueeze® landing page/lead capture system will store your subscriber’s email and contact information in your QuickSqueeze® admin’s data base. With a click of a button, you can easily save these contacts to a CSV file on your computer. You can now upload that CSV file to your favorite email marketing system like Constant Contact or COMf5 .

Ideas and uses for your QuickSqueeze®

  • Lead capture system
  • Lead qualification
  • Invitation and registration to events
  • Trading a visitor’s email for a free report
  • Positioning your expertise and promoting your knowledge
  • Sales pages
  • Access to great promotions/coupons
  • List building tool


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