Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQs About HUTdogs

Q. How did you come up with the name HUTdogs?

A. We wanted to have a unique name that was fun, easy to remember and something a bit unusual like "Kinkos". We locked ourselves in the office and labored over the name and literally had written down about a hundred options. All of that toil and brainstorming came down to a name being shouted down the hall...."what about HUTdogs?" MJ and I looked at each other and the rest is history.

Q. Why Hutdogs?
A. Reasons to choose HUTdogs QuickSite™ and QuickSqueeze®:

  • Easy to use
  • Professional Design
  • Quick turn around
  • Contemporary design
  • Online tools
  • Affordable, easy-to-use, do-it-yourself way to have a web presence
  • Freedom to design your own QuickSite™ and QuickSqueeze™
  • Flexibility to have a professional designer consult with you and develop a campaign that is tailored to your business

Q. Does HUTdogs provide any thing other than QuickSite™ and QuickSqueeze™ Pages?
A. Yes. We offer a wide variety of services that include graphic design of printed collateral, printing services, custom web site development, e-commerce web sites, the B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop, coaching, branding and identity development, as well services for your QuickSite™ and QuickSqueeze™ such as; domain forwarding, One-on-One training and building your QuickSite™ and QuickSqueeze™.

Q. Can my QuickSite™ or QuickSqueeze® be hosted on my own server?
A. No. To keep things affordable for you, HUTdogs QuickSite™ and QuickSite2™ are sold as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. The on-demand software, tools and the data are hosted centrally on the HUTdogs servers, are easily accessed online and are included in your subscription making the QuickSites a great way to build a web site.

Q. Can HUTdogs develop a customized web site for my business?
A. Absolutely. HUTdogs can develop a full-blown e-commerce web solution or a basic information web site for your business depending on your needs.

Q. Can I get a fully customized designed marketing piece?
A. Yes. We want your ideas to come to life. HUTdogs can develop a custom design or a complete branding and identity solution for you. If you have an idea in mind or if you need to speak to one of our team, email info@hutdogs.com.

Q. Can you teach me how to use Facebook?

A. Yes. We love teaching entrepreneurs and business folks how to use social media for business. We have workshops and webinars throughout the year and can also do private consultations.

Q. Can you build a Facebook page for my business?

A. Absolutely. We'll design it, post it and give you some strategic ideas for your Facebook page. 

Q. How long will it take to get my design?
A. That depends on what is being developed. Your HUTdogs representative will be able to help estimate the time needed.

Q. How long does it take to get prints?
A. You should allow 7-10 business days for the printing process, after you have signed off on the digital printer’s proof. If you need your prints sooner, you will be charged an additional fee to expedite the order. This does not include time needed for proof approval and shipping.

Q. What is a PDF?
A. A PDF is an acronym for Portable Document File. It is a file format that allows cross platform computers (Windows, Mac etc.) the ability to 'see' a document as it is intended to be seen. This versatile file format allows you to print at your own desktop printer or email it to your clients.

Q. Can I modify a marketing piece once it is done?
A. If the piece has already been approved by you and consequently sent to the printer, additional fees will apply. Sometimes it’s too late to “stop the presses” and you will be charged for the full amount.

Q. How much does it cost to modify a finished piece?
A. The cost will depend on the changes required and where it’s at in the print production process.

Q. What is the advantage of using HUTdogs?
A. HUTdogs offers professional graphic solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profits at an affordable price. We provide designs that look great and complement your business with your target audience in mind.

Q. How often should I mail a post card or other marketing piece to customers?
A. That will depend on your budget, your audience, the market, your message and your goals. Your competition is sending their marketing materials out as often as possible. You should send a piece every month at a bare minimum just to keep your name popping up in front of your audience. Augmenting a monthly mailing with a bi-weekly newsletter or a flyer keeps your name in front of the audience.

Marketing is an investment in your business and it takes time to establish your business in the market place. You should figure out what your budget is and then determine how it will be spent. This will help you develop a mailing schedule. Be consistent and persistent.

Q. Why do my photos need to be sent as a Jpeg?
A. A JPEG is a file format that is easily transferred from one computer to another. Most digital cameras format the pictures in the JPEG format.

Q. Why should my photos be high resolution for print and low resolution for my QuickSite™ and QuickSqueeze™?
A. Printed materials require high resolution images if they are to be reproduced well on the printed page.

For a picture to look nice on the computer screen, like your HUTdogs QuickSite™ or QuickSqueeze™, it only needs to have a resolution of 72dpi (dots per inch) a low resolution. For a print to look good, the resolution should be at least 300 dpi. Think of it this way, the more dots that make up an image the crisper the image will be.

For printed materials your photos and images should be shot at your camera's highest resolution. Otherwise, they may print fuzzy or grainy and will not look very good. Check your camera's owner's manual to see how to set the resolution.

For HUTdogs QuickSite™ and QuickSqueeze™ Pages, low-resolution images are better, because of how a web site indexes and references images. The low-resolution images take up less storage space and help the page load quickly.

Q. What is the HUTdogs Business Community?
A. HUTdogs want to help promote your business as well build your professional network. The HUTdogs business community is like a virtual Chamber of Commerce. You can also search for other businesses and non-profits in the HUTdogs business community. We encourage connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, referring business or simply networking with each other. Building your business often depends on building your network.

FAQ's about HUTdogs QuickSqueeze™

Q. What is a squeeze page?
A. A squeeze page or lead capture page is a landing page the targets a specific audience. Most are aimed at gathering contact information from visitors who are interested in what you have to offer, so you can market to that audience over and over again.

Q. How does a QuickSqueeze™ work?
A. HUTdogs QuickSqueeze™ squeeze page system is designed to help you build your list of email contacts. It is a double opt-in system that produces an automatic second page that many who use this system call their "Free Report". The "report" is automatically delivered to a visitor after they confirm their desire to be included on your email marketing list. The QuickSqueeze™ also has built in auto-responders that thank the visitor for signing up and will provide a note if that visitor has questions. Plus the QuickSqueeze™ has a database in the admin area that is busy collecting emails of those who have opted-in and an area for the inquiries that were generated from the form provided on the "report" page.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. HUTdogs QuickSqueeze™ is sold as an annual subscription. The yearly cost is only $389.40. This includes hosting on the HUTdogs.com server, 24/7 access to the admin area, and 24/7 access to the database.

Q. How do I get the email names that opt-in?
A. To get the list of emails that have signed up for your e-marketing is easy. Simply go to your admin area, click on subscriptions then click the "Export" button. This will export the database to your computer as a CSV file. This CSV file can then be opened in Excell or uploaded to your email marketing system, such as Constant Contact.

Q. Why do I need to pay each year for an annual subscription?
A. To keep things affordable, HUTdogs QuickSqueeze™ is sold as an annual subscription for only $389.40 per year. As a comparison, a custom built squeeze page system will cost any where from $2000 to $3000 and up just to build, plus you would need to pay for hosting each year, which can cost around $150+ or more.

Q. Can my QuickSqueeze™ have video?
A. Yes. HUTdogs QuickSqueeze™ allows you to have video as a component of your content. 

Q. Do I have to build a QuickSqueeze™ myself?
A. HUTdogs can build your QuickSqueeze™ for you or you can do-it-yourself. The choice is yours. Our team of graphic designers can work with you to produce a QuickSqueeze™ that fits your brand and highlights your message. 

Q. How long does it take to build a QuickSqueeze™?
A. If you have your copy and other content ready to go, you could build your QuickSite™ and set it live in just a few hours. The admin tools are designed to be easy to use and familiar.

Q. I'm not very technical, can HUTdogs help me?
A. HUTdogs team can help you build your QuickSqueeze™. We can build the entire system for you or coach you through the process. Some folks ask us to build it for them and then ask us to show them how to maintain it. We are flexible and will work with your comfort level and skill set. We think you'll be suprised at how easy it is to build and maintain.

FAQ’s about HUTdogs QuickSite™

PinkGoggleDogtext.jpgQ. How does Hutdogs QuickSite™ work?
A. HUTdogs QuickSite™ allows you to build and maintain a QuickSite™ on the web with your own unique copy and content. You simply subscribe to the service, select your template and add your content. You can go back and make changes at any time.

Q. Why would I want a HUTdogs QuickSite™?

A. Having a web presence is important. HUTdogs QuickSite™ provides and affordable, easy to use, do-it-yourself templates and access to customize your own web presence. Use your QuickSite™ to promote your business, products and services. Think of your QuickSite™ as your starter home on the web or as an addition to your main site like a kiosk or satellite outlet.

Q. How can I use a HUTdogs QuickSite™?
A. There are many of uses for a QuickSite™. You can provide your user with targeted information about you and your business. You can establish your web presence if you don’t already have a website. You can bolster your existing web presence by promoting your main site via your HUTdogs QuickSite™. You can promote a specific product or service on your Quicksite™. The idea is to tell the story you want to tell about your business and its products and services.

Q. When I am purchasing my QuickSite™, it asks for a name for my QuickSite. What does that mean?
A. Each QuickSite needs to have its own name, for example: “MyBizName”. This will be used to identify your QuickSite. We suggest using your business name. A shorter name is recommended.

Q. How long can my QuickSite™ name be?

A. A shorter name is preferred. Longer names may be truncated when they are converted to the sub domain associated with the QuickSite™. Ideally, it should be no longer than 20 characters.

Q. Can the QuickSite™ handle e-commerce transactions? Does it have shopping cart?
A. No. The QuickSite™ is designed to be an informational web site. It does not have a shopping cart feature. But, if you have just a handful of products to sell, you could always open a PayPal account and link your QuickSite™ to your products listed on PayPal and sell them that way.

Q. Can my QuickSite™ have a video on it?

A. Yes. The QuickSite™ lets you add a video media file to your content.

Q. What file formats are acceptable for posting a video to my QuickSite™? Flash (.flv) files are preferred, but Quicktime (.mov), Shockwave (.swf), Windows Media (.wmv), Real Media (.rm) will also work. We recommend that the file size of your media files be under 5MB.

Q. Can my QuickSite™ have sound or a pod cast in it?
A. No. QuickSite does not support sound files or pod casts. 

Q. Can my QuickSite™ have photos in both the text of my pages and in the gallery?
A. Yes. In fact we recommend that you sprinkle photos throughout your text, and add photos with captions to your gallery. Jpegs (.jpg) files under 300kb in size are recommended.

Q. What is the best type of photo to use for my QuickSite™?
A. Photos should be in and RGB format at 72dpi. As a general rule of thumb, images for the web do NOT need to be at a high resolution. Large files will actually slow down the loading of the page. We recommend that the files sizes be no larger than 300KB. All of this jargon really means – smaller image files are much better for the web.

Q. How do I resize my photos?
A. The QuickSite™ CMS lets you expand or decrease the image size once they are placed in your content. We recommend that the file size be under 300KB. You can crop and reduce the file size of your images before you upload them to your QuickSite with a photo editing software like Photoshop, or you can also use an online tool like Picnik.com to edit your photos before placing them on your QuickSite.

Q. What’s the difference between “file size” and “image size”?
A. When we refer to File Size, this is basically the amount of storage space a file will consume and is measured in KiloBytes (KB) / MegaBytes (MB). Smaller file sizes will load quicker. We recommend that image files be under 300KB at 72 dpi.

When we refer to image size, this is how the photo appears on the page (larger, smaller etc.) and is measured in pixel width and height.

Q. Can I have more than one Gallery page?
A. No. The QuickSite™ templates only allow for one gallery per QuickSite™.

Q. Can I customize the background colors with my specific color?
A. Not really. You can select from a wide variety of pre-designed templates/color schemes and change your background color that way. The templates are not designed for specifying a unique color to your QuickSite™, only the established templates can be used to change the background color.

Q. How many pages can I have on my QuickSite™?
A. As many as you like. The easy to use Content Management System (CMS) lets you add as many or as few pages as you need.

Q. Can I change the name of a page?
A. Yes. QuickSite™ Content Management System (CMS) lets you name and rename your pages to what ever you like.

Q. If I wanted to deactivate a page now and show it live at a later date, can I do it?
A. Yes. The QuickSite™ CMS lets you activate and deactivate pages. This way you won’t lose your content on that page. You simply hide it from public view and can re-activate it when you want.

Q. Can I make changes to my QuickSite™ after I build it?

A. Yes, that’s the beauty of the HUTdogs QuickSite™. The easy to use CMS admin tools let you make changes at any time.

Q. I already have a web site. Should I have a HUTdogs QuickSite™ as well?
A. Why not. It’s an inexpensive way to bolster your web presence. You could post daily, weekly or seasonal specials, use it as a message forum, offer special promotional products and link the HUTdogs QuickSite™ to your current site to help drive traffic. Think of the HUTdogs QuickSite™ as a way to promote your business as well as your main web site.

Q. Is the HUTdogs QuickSite™ a full web site?
A. Yes. The HUTdogs QuickSite™ is just that, a quick web site that you can customize. You can add your content and provide information about your business. The HUTdogs QuickSite™ gives you a web presence that you can direct to your customers and prospects.

Q. Will my QuickSite™ have a unique address?
A. Yes. When you subscribe to the HUTdogs QuickSite™, you will be asked to provide your business name/QuickSite™ name. This name will be used to give you a unique address in the HUTdogs Business Community – http://YourBusinessName.HUTdogs.com

Q. I already have a domain name registered. Can I use that for my QuickSite™?
A. You can forward that domain name to your QuickSite™ address and you can also mask the forwarding so that users won’t know the difference. You will need to go to your domain registrar (for example Godaddy.com) to forward your existing domain name to your QuickSite™. One word of caution; IE (Internet Explorer) may not allow or may impead certian functionality on a masked and forwarded QuickSite. QuickSite™ is optimized for Firefox and as a subdomain of the HUTdogs.com servers.

Q. Some users can not submit a Contact us form. Why?

A. If you have forwarded and masked a registered domain name to your QuickSite™, visitors using IE (Internet Explorer) may experience some functionality issues due to the way IE handles the frame that is built around your QuickSite™ once it is masked. QuickSite™ is optimized for Firefox and as a subdomain of the HUTdogs.com servers.

Q. I have a Paypal button on my QuickSite™ and it is not linking to my Paypal account.

A. If you have forwarded and masked a registered domain name to your QuickSite™, visitors using IE (Internet Explorer) may experience some functionality issues due to the way IE handles the frame that is built around your QuickSite™ once it is masked. QuickSite™ is optimized for Firefox and as a subdomain of the HUTdogs.com servers.

Q. How much does a QuickSite™ cost?
A. A one-year subscription is your best value. Your Visa or Master Card will be billed for the total annual subscription amount of $239.40 (making your QuickSite™ as low as $19.95 per month - amortized cost), when you purchase a one-year subscription. That’s over a $180 savings as compared to a month-by-month subscription!  Other Subscription options:

  • A six-month subscription is only $143.70. The subscription will need to be renewed every six months.*
  • A three-month subscription is only $83.85. The subscription will need to be renewed every three months.*
  • A one-month’s subscription is only $34.95 per month. The subscription will need to be renewed every month.*

*These payment options are currently not an automated payment. You will need to login and pay the subscription fee via Visa or Master Card based on the subscription term selected.

Q. Is the subscription fee a reoccurring cost?
A. Yes. QuickSite™ subscriptions fees are due for renewal at the end of their term. For example an annual subscription will be billed once each year.

Q. Why do I need to pay an annual subscription?
A. QuickSite™ is billed as an annual subscription to keep it affordable.  It includes hosting and 24/7 access to the CMS (Content Managment System). A comprable custom built site would cost any where from $3500 and up plus you would still need to pay for annual hosting costs.

Q. What happens if I don’t renew my QuickSite™ subscription?
A. If the subscription renewal fee is not paid, your QuickSite™ will be removed from the web.

FAQ’s about the QuickSite B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop

QSBYOLwkshp3.jpgQ. What is the B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop?
A. The B.Y.O.L.™ (Bring Your Own Laptop) Workshop is a fast paced two-hour hands-on workshop that will go over how to use the QuickSite Content Management System (CMS) to build and maintain your QuickSite. HUTdogs instructors will guide you through the tools. Walk in with an idea… walk out with a website!

Q. How much is the B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop?
A. The two-hour hands-on workshop is only $399 and it includes a 1-year QuickSite subscription.

Q. If I sign up for the B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop, do I have to buy a QuickSite as well?
A. The first year’s QuickSite subscription is included when you sign up for a B.Y.O.L. Workshop. You will need to renew your QuickSite once each year on your B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop anniversary.

Q. How do I get my QuickSite once I sign up for the B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop?
A. A HUTdogs representative will contact you prior to your B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop and will activate your QuickSite template for you.

Q. Is the QuickSite subscription a reoccurring fee?
A. Yes. The first year is included with your B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop. On the anniversary of your B.Y.O.L. Workshop, you will be billed for the annual subscription of the QuickSite ($239.40/year). If you do not renew your subscription, your QuickSite will be removed from the web.

Q. What should I bring to the B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop?

A. You will need a laptop with wireless Internet capabilities. You will also need to prepare your content and have a plan for your QuickSite. Go to http://byolworkshop.hutdogs.com for a detailed list of things to do and think about prior to your B.Y.O.L. Workshop.

Q. I don’t have a laptop, but want to attend a B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop. What can I do?
A. Each B.Y.O.L.™ Workshop has a limited number of computer systems that can be borrowed for the event. You will need to contact HUTdogs to see if a laptop or computer can be available for your use.

Fetchwithtan.jpgQuickSqueeze™  FAQs

Q. What’s a QuickSqueeze™ Page?
A. HUTdogs QuickSqueeze™ is a squeeze page, which is also referred to as an on line lead capture landing page. It is designed to be targeted to and speak to a specific audience by providing information that qualifies your visitors and allow them to subscribe to your offerings, additional information and thus your e-marketing campaigns.  The main goal of a squeeze page is to build your list of targeted, qualified and interested prospects.

Q. How much does a QuickSqueeze™ cost?
A. The annual subscription rate is $389.40 per year.

Q. Do I have to pay for my QuickSqueeze™ every year?
A. Yes. The HUTdogs QuickSqueeze™ is a subscription service and the annual subscription is due each year. Subscriptions fees are due for renewal at the end of their term.

Q. What happens if I don’t renew my QuickSqueeze™ subscription?
A. If the subscription renewal fee is not paid, your QuickSqueeze™ it's content and admin access will be removed from the web.

Q. Will I need to have a host for my QuickSqueeze™?
A. No. Your QuickSqueeze™ Page is hosted on the HUTdogs servers and hosting is included in your annual subscription.
Q. Will I need to download an application to build and maintain my QuickSqueeze™?
A. No. HUTdogs easy-to-use admin tools are on line and ready-to-go. All you will need is an Internet access.

Q. How do I get my leads that have subscribed to my QuickSqueeze™?
A. When a visitor subscribes (signs up) to your QuickSqueeze™, those subscriptions are stored in your admin’s database. The HUTdogs easy-to-use admin lets you export those names and emails to your desktop as a .csv file. Simply click the “export” button. This file can then be opened in Excel and you can use those names and emails to populate your e-zine lists, Constant Contact lists and any other lists you may be using in your e-marketing campaigns.

Q. Do I need to know HTML?
A. No. HUTdogs QuickSqueeze™ admin is designed to be easy-to-use with a familiar interface. For the most part all you will need to do is type in your copy/text and upload a few photos and your QuickSqueeze™ is ready to go.

Q. Will my QuickSqueeze™ come with a domain name?
A. Your QuickSqueeze™ will be a subdomain of HUTdogs.com. For example: if you wanted to call your QuickSqueeze™  “myQuickSqueeze” that would become a subdomain of HUTdogs and the URL would be http://myQuickSqueeze.hutdogs.com, but you can forward and mask a registered domain name to your HUTdogs subdomain and your visitors will never know the difference. You will need to contact your domain name provider to see how to forward a domain.

Q. I have my own domain name, can I forward that to my HUTdogs QuickSqueeze™?
A. Yes, a registered domain name can be forwarded to your QuickSqueeze™. We have found that Godaddy’s domain name services work well with the HUTdogs Quick Solutions. You will need to contact your domain name provider to see how to forward a domain.

Q. What’s a double-opt-in?
A. A double-opt-in helps ensure that the visitors who are signing up to your QuickSqueeze™ really want to be included as a subscriber. Users sign up to your QuickSqueeze™ then they are automatically sent an email asking them to confirm that they want to subscribe. That confirmation from them is the double-opt-in.

Q. Does the QuickSqueeze™ system keep track of those who opt-in to be on my list?
A. Yes. The QuickSqueeze™ admin has a “subscribers” database that you can export to a CSV file. This file will list the date along with the subscriber’s name an email.

Q. If one of my subscribers wants to be removed from the list how does that work?
A. You will need to go into your admin and remove that subscriber. It will be your responsibility to also remove them from any lists you have placed them on for you e-marketing campaigns.